Saturday, September 27, 2008

Judge to decide who decides future of St. Marys Airport. If the judge rules in favor of the airport authority, the airport will remain in its preset location until such time as the city council can appoint enough move-friendly members to the board to get the controlling votes to move it. In the meantime, Greg Bird and allies will be lining up pro- status quo candidates for city council as early as next year.


Anonymous said...

Jay you are not correct on this. The Airport Authority has had no hearings, no reports directly to the Airport Authority and has yet to formally consider a move and to where. The Navy has raised an issue about the location and the Authority has invited the Base Commander to come and advise the Authority the concerns. He refused and asked the Authority to submit questions to him. That is a foolish way to address any issue. Also, all the Authority is requesting is to be able to address the issue and work with the City. That was the reason for the Authority in the first place. Further, there have been grants that have been lost because the City has caused a stale mate in dealing with the FAA and GDOT with out including the Authority. Plus the big issue that needs to be determined is the cost. The City resolution is to study a move provided it is no cost to the City. The FAA has alread detemined that is not possible. Finally, the location that has been suggested is far from the best location. It is something for the benefit of the Sea Island Jones Company and is being pushed by the Camden Partnership. (Which it would be interesting if you could find out who funds that and what their purpose is). Greg Byrd does not run the business of the Authority. With the hinderance of the City and not working with the Authority they have still managed to have $100,000.00 in the bank. There is alwayas more to the issue than is reported. If the location of the Airport is determential to the national security the Authority has already said that will be the major consideration on the future of the Airport. Come to a meeting and you will get a better idea of what is happening. Your interest is appreciated as would be your comments if you came to a meeting.

Jay Moreno said...

Might I say, Sir, that your comments would be more appreciated if you would post them under your real name so that readers and I might be able to ascertain the true nature of your interest in maintaining the status quo at the airport. I think that that would be at least as interesting as finding out who funds the Camden partnership.

At least, by virtue of your consistently mispselling Mr. Bird's name in your long-winded diatribes, it is easy to recognize your postings as more of the same.

And frankly, Sir, I don't really give two hoots in Hell whether you,
or anyone else, for that mater, "appreciates" my comments on the airport. They are what they are -insightful and dead on - as eloquently witnessed by which bitten dogs bark.

Anonymous said...

the reason the base c/o does not want to comment is because any air attack the base cannot defend they have no weapons set up out there for such. if the DOD was worried about that it would be put in.
the 9/11 fear factor does not work any longer.
AND jay your last paragraph you stated plainly that you donk give a rats ass what we think of you,but you ask us to be polite on your blog.LEAD BY EXAMPLE...
whats wrong with not being known?
dont you have a mole in ccso where is his/her name this person may be in same position.

Jay Moreno said...

So, clearly, you don't have the balls to launch your ad hominem attack under your real name. I figured as much.

James Creighton said...

That's why you have never nor will you ever win an election for any post or seat.

Jay Moreno said...

Give Charlene my regards.

James Creighton said...

I don't agree with you, I use my real name to adress you like you ask those who do not agree with you to do and automatically I am a friend of Ms. Sears? Ok, I feel confident that you wore black for a week when Charles Nelson Riley passed away.

Jay Moreno said...

Mr. Creighton, I assume that you are in fact the "Anonymous" who started off the coomets on this post with the assertion "Jay you are not correct on this." Is that correct?

As to Charles Nelson Reilly, being 60 years old, I of course remember him. AS to my mourning his passing, I really don't ge tthe reference. Is that supposed to indicate that like Reilly, I'm gay?
I'm not, of course, but if I were, what in the hell would that have to do with the accuracy of my assertions and validity of my opinions?

Rather than my having to investigate it, why don't you just come clean - now that you've outed yourself - and tell my readers what your personal interest is in keeping the airport where it is at huge cost (in lost tax revenues) to the citizens of St. Marys. How do you comne to be so much more knowledgeable about the airport situation than I am?

I'll be back shortly with some input from my source on the matter.

Jay Moreno said...

Now, Mr. Creighton, here is the truth of the matter from a well placed and impeccable source:

"Jay, just read your blog. Is “anonymous” Creighton? If so, he is incorrect in a lot of his statements re: airport.

FYI: The Airport Authority for 19 years prior to 2001 didn’t ask for one grant from the FAA. They didn’t want federal money because then they would have to abide by FAA rules. Then the City, not the authority, asked for money in 2001 and got a project going, without even the support of the authority. They just wanted their own little recreational airport. Now, they “protest” the resurrected moving project, and act like they want FAA funds for anything other than the move; and it is interesting to note, that the authority, once the project was stopped in Feb of 07, never asked for any funding for the rest of the year. They only became interested again, when their “pals” (i.e.: Blount and Williams) were no longer on the council to push the agenda of the authority, rather than that of the citizens of St Marys. All of their actions are very clear….they want to do their own thing, and not what is in the best interest of the City, or the Navy, which is our “bread and butter” and has been for 25 years.

Also, note, the activity at the airport has been reduced to almost nothing in this economy. The only real activity out there at this point is the storage of airplanes that are not flying, and the Jumping Place. This airport has never in its 60+ years done much for our city, and never will. I say, let’s get that 280 acres back on the tax roles and get some real benefit for our city.

In addition, the judge asked the Chair of the Airport Authority on Friday at the hearing if the authority had a position regarding moving the airport. His response was “no”. That was not true. We would not be in this legal action if the authority didn’t have a position. Their position is they don’t want to move it. They want the final say, according to their attorney; yet, interestingly enough, they have previously stated that they just want “some” say in this decision. Now, they want to make the decision about what is best for the people of St Marys, and they are not even elected by the people of St Marys. What do they not understand about this: AA is the lessee, and the City is the lessor. I have rental property. I don’t ask my lessee what he wants to do with my property. Would you? That decision is the lessor’s. What is so hard to understand about that? It will be interesting to see if a judge understands it."

So, you see, Mr. Creighton, you are either misinformed or, to put it mildly, diingenuous. Nice try, though.