Monday, September 15, 2008

Fund established to pay CCSO deputies.

I just retrieved the following e-mail from Thomas G. "Tripp" Casey, III (yes, that one.) "As we all know, our Sheriff's Office has been going through some rough times lately. Many of our deputies and jailers have been forced to take time off without pay, even if they have comp time. This is unfortunate, as times are hard economically for us all. Many of these people are already underpaid. Many have families and only one source of income. Due to this hardship we have opened an account for donations to help support the ones who protect and serve us everyday. This account will remain open until December 12, 2008. Proceeds of this account will go directly to CCSO employees who have experienced economic hardship due to time they have been forced to take off. We only want to help the ones who need it, and many of them do As a community, we can come together and help the brave ones who risk it all for us everyday Donate to:Deputy Christmas Fund Account# 0403231674 Any Southeastern Bank branch in Camden, Glynn, Nassau, and McIntosh counties. Please give thanks to those who serve us by donating. We need to show them that they have the support of the community, and we will stand behind them through hard times." As to how it will be distributed, I'm (Jay) not yet certain. However, I would suggest checking with Mike Fender in county payroll to see exactly who loses time, then divide up the donations equally, irrespective of rank / pay scale, only among those who actually lose time.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It should only be divided up equally between the ones that get laid off and not the ones that continue to draw a paycheck. Hopefully the community will give for this cause.

Anonymous said...

people, they knew who they were going to work for and the pay.
i think they are underpaid also but it was their choice. dnr agents are underpaid also help us

Jay Moreno said...

I agree with your statements, but it would appear that you have missed at least one act of this drama.

Select deputies and other CCSO employees will be laid off ofr two weeks without pay because their is not enough money in the sheriff's ineptly managed budget to pay them.

The story going around is that those who will lose two weeks pay are the ones Smith susspects of having voted for Gregory in the primary election.

Anonymous said...

jay,i agree it should be same across the whole office or if we can get the money from the ones not showing up. keep deputys and det. what we need the most all the time.
just my .02 worth

Anonymous said...

The ones "giving up their paychecks" should be the personnel who are on salary as opposed to those who are hourly. They are the ones who are over paid and most of them can afford to miss a paycheck. Instead of taking it from the working class, it should be coming from the office class, most of which are gravy positions anyway. Let them give up that "extra" check during the months that have three paydays. And as for the second entry on this page; why should they be penalized for voting against a tyranical leader. Even the whistle blower act protects those employees who drop a dime on poor leadership. What is the difference in trying to remove one? I do agree with you on one point though, DNR officers as well as GSP officers are all underpaid also. But they are not being forced to take time off so that other people, primarily salaried personnel, and so called loyal employees can be paid. Loyal employees should also consider that he can screw them at a whim also. If some of that loyal staff would give up some of the vacation time they have already used and not been docked for, BTW could pay, a few people anyway.

Anonymous said...

i think we are on same psge her, my only point was that they knew WHO they were going to work for and
how he ran is dept. if not thats not my problem.
and for dnr think we stop hunters and people with guns 95% of the time. and we are facing cutbacks as well.
my opion is this is caused by 2 hardheads bill and steve wanting to control everything, but get nothing done right.
both needed to move on. because now if t.g. cant run it on the 6million because of gas ,food,ect..
how can he vote to give more. admit bill was right and he was wrong. we are the only one that gets hurt in this.