Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This e-mail just in...

from an impeccable source, well known to me, who shall remain anonymous. "Last Thursday, August 28, three or four Sheriff Department folks took advantage of the vehicles on Cumberland (i.e., vehicles owned by the CCSO and kept at Dr. Ben Jenkin's place) and did a little fishing at the jetties. Apparently that bunch did not pick up on the article concerning the indictment of the Sheriff in Hazelhurst for using a sheriff department vehicle for his personal use. After the indictments they will have to use personal vehicles to drive to court to answer to their follies. No wonder they are all in trouble. They don't have enough sense to quit their violations of oath of office. It may be that they know there will not be any more tax payer sponsored Cumberland junkets and this is their last chance. For certain they are the slowest of learners."


Anonymous said...

The boat, the gas in it, the car on Cumberland Island, etc., will all soon be history.

And the hard working deputies wonder why there is no outcry over their losing a week's pay. Maybe they should ask Smith. Then again maybe Mercer and the others were trying to catch enough fish for everyone to have fish sandwiches during the week they will not be getting a paycheck.

Resign Bill.

Anonymous said...

Did your source know the names of the deputies?