Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prototypical flyer for CCSO fund.

(There's a picture of Santa and a reindeer in the original, but I can't get the damned thing to copy/paste out of Word.) Christmas Fund Drive Deputy’s Christmas Fund Now through December 12, 2008 . Our Camden County Sheriff’s Office employees are in need! Due to budget problems, many employees are losing work time. There simply is not enough money to pay these guys and girls to work. Because of this, many are experiencing unforeseen economic hardships in an already tough time. Let us show our support for the ones who protect and serve us every day by donating to the Deputy’s Christmas Fund. This fund will try to relieve some of the stress brought on by the hardships they are facing. These brave men and women risk it all for us everyday! This is the least we can do to say thanks, and show them we as a community support them! Donations are to be made to: Deputy Christmas Fund Account#0403231674 Southeastern Bank


Anonymous said...

If I were to donate money for the deputies, I would first want to know that only the deputies that have been laid off were going to receive the money. There are tons of people working for the CCSO, so, does the person responsible for overseeing this fund know for sure who should benefit from this fund?

Anonymous said...

Oh well, had I read on I could have answered my questions about who will be getting the Xmas Fund and who will be overseeing it. So disregard my first post. TKS