Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tripp Casey makes it onto T.V.

Casey has just informed me that he was interviewed today by T.V 12 out of Jax regarding the deputy fund. It will be broadcast 41 minutes from now on T.V. 12 News at 6:00 Thereafter, it will be available on their website:


Anonymous said...

What station is Channel 12? My channel 12 is ABC but I don't recall seeing that at 6 PM

Jay Moreno said...

I wrote "T.V. 12," not "Channel 12." The channel depends on how you get your T.V. feed.

At any rate, just go to the web site which I provided to see the video.

Anonymous said...

Do the County Commissioners have the legal authority to sell all of those unnecessary vehicles? If so, start the process now!! If not, can someone stop them from fueling up at County gas pumps. This will surely free up some revenue.