Monday, September 8, 2008

St. Marys votes to advertize 5.6 millage rate.

I just got back from the 4:00 budget meeting and the 6:00 council meeting. The council finally voted to advertise a 5.6 millage rate. The rate really should be 6.1. At 5.6, with the council not showing the courage to reduce the bloated staff (Councilwoman Hase being the notable exception) the compromise figure of 5.6 will leave the city a couple of million short. I would tell you more, but I've had a very long day and I'm facing another one tomorrow. Check out Wednesday's T&G. 09/09/08: Gordon Jackson's coverage of the 4:00 budget meeting: Note: Gordon could not stay for the actual council meeting at six. Based upon what transpired at the budget meeting, his coverage is accurate. However, the actual meeting made it clear that there is not the political will (courage) to actually terminate ANY currently employed city workers. Tune in tomorrow for Emily's coverage of meeting in T&G. 9/10/08: Gordon Jackson's reportage on results of Monday's regularly scheduled council meeting:


St Marys Resident said...


The St. Marys City Council Meeting for 9-8-08 has been posted on the St. Marys website for those who may have been unable to attend. I don't know if it includes the budget meeting but I did request that they put those meetings on the website also...many cannot get to those meetings and appreciate being able to stay informed by watching the videos at their leisure.

Anonymous said...

As usual, GJ left early and didn't get all the facts. He had to be at Seagles to keep an eye on his gf.

St Marys Resident said...

The Budget Meetings have been posted on the St. Marys Website.

Anonymous said...

As soon as they fire ALL of the assistants starting with Max Tinsley; the St. Marys City Council should take a hard look at seeking a COMPETENT City Manager.

It is the City Managers responsibility to guide the ship. It should be evident to all that he has not done a very good job at this. If St. Marys Mayor/City Council don't have the necessary skills to perform these remedial task the taxpayers should vote them out of office.

Shanahan has done nothing but create a MESS in St. Marys. Tinsley created a travesty in Planning & Building and was promoted because of his incompetence. Shanahan has had a hiring freeze on competent employees for along time. Therefore, it's not going to be easy to correct all of the mistakes. BUT you have to start somewhere.