Monday, December 15, 2008

A bigot, appropriately self- named "Puke," vomits a gratuitous expose' of his bigotry on (where else) Topix, Kingsland.

Puke Anonymous Proxy Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #10 32 min ago Jay wants to be a comissioner. He is rude, vendictive,agnostic, and better than you. Firstly, Puke, the word you were trying for is spelled vIndictive, with an "i." You are certainly entitled to your opinion as to my perceived rudeness, vindictiveness, and hubris (look it up.) However, you un-American, bigoted vermin, you step over the line when you list my agnosticism ( you really should look that one up too) among the reasons you would posit that people should take into account when deciding whether or not to vote for me. We don't do that in America. Our Constitution does not allow the state to impose a religious litmus test as a qualification for holding elected office. That of course does not prevent knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, red-necked Thuggies like you from practicing your vile and despicable religious bigotry. I can honestly tell you that with the notable exception of Deborah Hase, who misses no opportunity in both her public and private life to gratuitously proclaim her Christianity, I have no idea what the religious affiliation is or was of any elected official who has ever served in any capacity in Camden County since I arrived here on August 3rd, 1993. Moreover, I absolutely do not care. It is simply not relevant nor does it serve as a reliable predictor of how morally and ethically a candidate will actually perform in office. I'm just curious, Puke: perhaps you could come on here and give the folks a list of religious affilitions which would meet your approval for prospective office holders in Camden County. And while you're at it, tell us the religion beliefs which you think should disqualify a fellow American from holding office in America. Moreover, why not tell us what you would do with all Americans who do not believe as you do, had you the power to effect a final solution.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Bible belt Jay. We can ALSO choose our votes based on what ever the hell we want to. If religion is what is going to change a persons mind, then there is nothing you can do about it. That is also American, is it not?

Jay Moreno said...

No. I find it distinctly un-American and absolutely abhorrent -as it should be to any American with a proper schooling in American history and an appreciation of and love for the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

If a perso does not hold the same values as me, I will not vote for them. That is simple enough, and that is how plenty of people vote, educated or not.

Jay Moreno said...

Well, let's see.

I'm a native born American (Savannah, GA);
A voluntary Vietnam Veteran (Navy Corpsman with USMC, I Corps, RVN, '68/'69; a law abiding citizen with no criminal record whatsoever (one of Tommy's first acts as sheriff will be to release the form Smith refused to to enable me to have my politically motivated false arrest of 1995 completely expunged from my record; I believe in the rule of law - federal, state, and local;
I'm a social conservative and generally subscribe to traditional
Judeo-Christian principles;I'm a fiscal conservative; I'm for less government, per se, and less government intrusion into people's private lives; I absolutely detest corrupt politicians - as evidenced by my revelations about the Brandon regime and Bill Smith.

So, what values do you hold that I do not which would be sufficient cause for you to vote for a clearly less qualified candidate than for me, were that to be the case?

Tell me - truthfully - did you ever vote for Bill Smith - especially this last time? If so, what were the specific values he demonstrated which won your vote?

Anonymous said...

No Jay I didnt vote for Smith this election, or last election because of his doings. You cant hold Christian values and not be a Christian. It doesnt work. You can be a good, loyal, and truthful person and not be a Christian. But, by reading your posts for a while, over a year at least, I base my decision on your overall attitude and self inflation. You have no humility whatsoever, which is needed to be a true person for the people. I agree with your conservative veiws, as I too am a conservative. You are well educated, well spoken, and brutally honest; all good qualities that I admire in any person. Please dont take this as an attack Jay, as I do respect you. But, you can never agree to disagree. If you were to gain some humility and do I say it... respect for veiws that are different from yours (as yours arent always the right choice), then I would stand behind you 100% on everything. That is my only problem with you, your arrogance. This is not a personal attack on you at all, just a suggestion from a long time reader of your posts.

Jay Moreno said...

of course it works. Tens upon tens of millions of Americans do just exactly that.

Had I not had the courage to state that I'm an agnostic - unlike the tens of millions of Americans who are agnostic or atheist and remain in the closet or lie and claim to be religionists - what have I ever done that would have given you incontrovertable evidence that I was not a religionist? Think about it.

With the exception of whcihever number "I am the Lord, thy God; thou shalt not have false gods before Me," I subscribe to all of the other nine. They are all good, common sense, "Golden Rule" inspired rules conducive to civilzation - and not unique to the Judeo-Christian tradition, by the way.

Steve Berry has not a thread of "humility," false or otherwise, that I've detected, but he is nonetheless a highly cabable and effective county commisioner.

The whole concept of agreeing to disagree is silly on the face of it, particualrly for an offic holder who has a moral obligation to assess all of the facts, then come to a decision as to which is trhe best course of action - the course that best serves the interests of the public - and then, in the abscene of convincing new evidence to the contrary, having the courage of his convictions. Show me a habitual compromiser in office and I'll show you a weak and ineffective office holder who is not exercising max due dilligence in looking out for the intrerest of his constituents. Rmember the days of the ubiquitous unanimous votes in the corrupt Brandon regime? A prime example.

Politicians who claim to be populist "men of the people" are invariably damned liars. Do we really want truly "average" people in office? I certainly don't.

I would suggest that you confuse my "brutal honesty" with arrogance.
I have nothing to be arrogant about. I'm the son of a union air conditionaing mechanic. I grew up in a rented house until I was in my early teens. Then we moved up to a $12,000, +/- 1,00 square foot house. I voluntered for the service during the war because there was no money for college. I'm the only one of three sibling with a high school diploma. I earned my bachelor's degree at the age of 50, going part time at night while working full time. I'm not the effete snob you take me for. Am I , through some gentic quirk, way more intellignet than the average Joe? Yes,I am. Should I pretend otherwise so as not to offend your sensibilities?

"Vote for me: I humbly submit that I'm no more capable of handling the job than you are."

How's that for a campaign slogan?