Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Four of 6 city councilmen vote to oust 4 of 5 St. Marys Airport Authority members.

Good. It's a start. Click on post title for link to GTU story.


Anonymous said...

Deborah Hase strikes again!!!! This issue was the sole purpose of her seeking office again. She was the one who went to the Attorney for Sea Island about concocting this deal with the airport. How ironic that she is now the voice against the Airport Authority.

I guess she felt like after the JDA via the Camden Partnership paid for the appraisal it was now time for her to act. So sad for the taxpayers of Camden County. These people remind me of the current Governor of Illinois.

SO SAD........

Anonymous said...

Jay does the railroad cars tie into the JDA giving the money for the railroad improvement back to the state. The state re-allocated the money to another surrounding county.

Speaking of JDA..... I found it very interesting that the JDA has board members that serve on Camden Partnership. The JDA gave the money to Camden Partnership to give to the City of St. Marys for the appraisal for the airport property. Strange happenings with that JDA.

December 7, 2008 3:41 PM

The entire ordeal hit the Tribune today.

Anonymous said...

This is just big rip off by a bunch of money boys that want to take advantage of the airport issue and wind up with the airport for there benefit. Hase is in this up to her empty head. Talk about abuse of office and she is the poster gal for that. Wed. night there is to a be a special city council meeting to "Discuss the Airport Authority." That should be a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if I have this right. The Airport Authority is charged with conducting the business of the airport. Hase comes up with some cock and bull crapola and heads up the team to kick the Authority to the curb and destroy the current operation of the airport. All the while having the same agenda of the Camden Partnership and the Sea Island Company. Gee, I am starting to wonder if there is some special interest stuff here. I bet there are folks who think this is all crooked. I would not be surprised if there are those who think this is a scheme. Some may even think it is just plain crooked. Who knows? There just may be some thinking that way. There may even be some who think Hase is just a dumb ass doing the bidding for others.

Jay Moreno said...

I, and more than a few others, on the other hand, continue to think that Deborah Hase is far and away the most competent, ethical, and effective elected official in St. Marys, as she has been since she was elected mayor and, for that matter, since I moved here on August 3rd, 1993.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea Hase in a daze. Jay you are usually pretty near the spot on this thing with Hase you are not correct. She is a trouble maker who is getting her agenda from others that have their own self intest before that of the City. She was voted out as mayor and in the last election the votes were against the other guy not so much for her. If you pay close attention you will find out what is happening. Nice thing about free debate and freedom of speech you can be incorrect and we still have the privildege of being able to express ourselves. Even when we are wrong. Keep up the good work. You can't be on the money all the time.

Anonymous said...

Jay I was very surprised to see you praising Hase. She is a menace to the tax payers. She is part of a scheme to line the pockets of others at the expense of the folks of St. Marys. Why in the world are you not able to detect this? I know members of the Airport Authority and they are ready to do what is best. If that is to move the airport so be it. But they are charged with the responsibility of maintianing the airport until there is a decision. That is their job. Don't you understand Hase is out to kick them out because she wants to dictate what they are suppose to do. Come on Jay, you have not fooled in the past. If you have any doubt about what the Authority is doing come to a meeting and you will know first hand. The Authority invited Hase and she has yet to come. But she does take illegal action behind their backs. Surley you see that. You know that the law required different. Any eight grade civics student knows better. Hase did to. She is part of a bad scheme.

Jay Moreno said...

You're right: I'm not easily fooled - including by you.

The Airport Authority is NOY neutral. They are in the pockets of the Downtown Merchants Association, the few for-profit leaseholders at the airport and the 20 or so private pilot hobbyists. They are NOT interested ion what is ion the long-term best interests of the taxpayers of St. Marys.

The airport does not come anywhere near the highest and best use of the nearly 400 acres of prime but grossly under-utilized airport property. Being redeveloped with a mix of residences and appropriate commercial developments would have an exponentiallly larger positive economic impactg upon the general economy - not to mention the tax revenues - of St. Marys than the heavily subsidized, hobbyists' airport.

As to allegations of hase having a conflcit of interest, let me say this. If it were proven that she had accepted or agreed tro accept in the future anything of value from Sea Island or anyone else in return for ther vote to move the airport, then I would be the first to say off to prison with her.

However, I see no evidence tghat she has done anything illegal or unethical. This is reinforced by the fact that, in my opinion, exactly the right dogs have been bitten as witness their howling.

If, in the future, the airport is moved; a residential development - perhaps a "fly-in" community - develops around it, and, in the normal course of her activites as a practicing residential Realtor, Mrs. Hase actually EARNS a sales commission from the sale of such a property, I see absolutely no problem with that, either.

Anonymous said...


If you would come to an Airport Authortiy meeting you would be more informed about what is going on. Hase was invited and never attended. Instead she was the ring leader of an illegal move to oust the Authority. That is not any way to conduct business. All of this could be worked out if she was not so high handed and deceptive about her actions. There will be a council meeting Wed. and out of that there should be some indication of what is taking place.

There is one trait I have detected about you. When you are incorrect you stick with it any way, but you do have some good information most of the time. Just not in this instance. That dead horse ain't going to come alive.

Jay Moreno said...

Do tell!

And what would be some exemplars of other instances of my being wrong from which you have deduced this ostensible character flaw?