Sunday, December 21, 2008

For the Thuggie ass who asserted that Bill Smith could not possibly have prevented me from having the record of my politically motivated false arrest

expunged from my record. Thanks to "Jimmy Justice" on TOPIX, Kingsland, here is the actual form. NOTE WELL what the first parenthetical statement is in Section 2. If the no damned good sheriff does not want to co-operate because you are a critic of his sorry ass, there is NOTHING you can do about it except sue in Superior Court in front of a stacked Camden jury - an obvious waste of time when Smith controlled jury selection. Here's the official form: REQUEST TO EXPUNGE ARREST RECORD O.C.G.A. 35-3-37(d) SECTION (1) ONE - APPLICANT INFORMATION (to be completed by requester) Name Date of Birth Race Sex Social Security Number Street Address City State Zip Code Arresting Agency: Date of Arrest Offense(s) Arrested For: (NOTE: Arresting or Prosecuting Agencies may require the use of separate forms for each date of arrest to be expunged.) Sections One and Two of this form must be completed in their entirety before request may be submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. I request the arrest record information described above pertaining to me be expunged from the record(s) of the arresting agency pursuant to the provisions of O.C.G.A. 35-3-37(d). Signature Date O.C.G.A. 35-3-37(d)(1) provides in part that “An individual who was: (A) Arrested for an offense under the laws of this state but subsequent to such arrest is released by the arresting agency without such offense being referred to the prosecuting attorney for prosecution; or (B) After such offense referred to the proper prosecuting attorney, and the prosecuting attorney dismisses the charges without seeking an indictment or filing an accusation may request the original agency in writing to expunge the records of such arrest...” GCIC Record Expungement Form Rev 3/2006 2 SECTION (2) TWO - ARREST INFORMATION (to be completed by arresting agency) Date Request Received Applicant’s State Identification Number (SID) GA____________________________ Arresting Agency Name Arresting Agency ORI Number GA Case/Citation/Docket Number: Date of Arrest: Arrest appears on Georgia and/or FBI criminal history record? ___ Yes ___ No If arrest does not appear on either state or federal record, expungement can not be processed and therefore there is no need to forward request to GCIC. Arrest Charges: Disposition of Arrest: Disposition appears on Georgia criminal history record? ___ Yes ___ No If No, official documentation containing disposition information is attached for processing. If official documentation is not available, please provide explanation and request for exception in Prosecutor’s Comments. (Without a disposition on file, official documentation, or request for exception, request can not be processed) Prosecuting Attorney/Court Case Referred To: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name and Title of Official Completing Form _________________________________________ Signature of Official Completing Form GCIC Record Expungement Form Rev 3/2006 3 SECTION (3) THREE - PROSECUTING ATTORNEY (to be completed by prosecuting attorney) Date Request Received Judicial Circuit/County Prosecuting Agency ORI Number GA________________________________________ District Attorney/Solicitor General____ __________ Prosecutor Assigned to Case Case/Citation/Docket Number Please select one of the following actions ______ Expungement Meets Statutory Requirements ______ No Information Available; Expungement Forwarded Without Objection ______ No Information Available at Prosecutor’s Office; Returned to Arresting Agency for Further Research. DO NOT FORWARD EXPUNGEMENT FORM TO GCIC ______ Expungement Does Not Meet All Statutory Requirements. DO NOT FORWARD EXPUNGEMENT FORM TO GCIC. Prosecutor Comments: Signature of Prosecutor Date So you see, "Anonymous" Thuggie ass, your claim that you know the law regarding requests for expungement is hereby proven to be pure crap. Ditto for you "Joe" of TOPIX. Here's what you had to say. "You don't need a lawyer to get an expungement, if the case was dismissed, all you have to do is fill out expungement papers and get the DA to sign it." Clearly, Joe, you don't know your butt from first base on this issue either. Like I've told you fools before: You would be better advised to sandpaper a wildcat's ass inside of a locked phone booth than challenge me to an intellectual pissing contest.

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