Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hardly the "little red wagon" we boomers remember.

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St Marys Resident said...

Boy...we are sure spoiled! I remember how happy I was when I found my red wagon under the Christmas tree. A neighbor boy showed up soon after breakfast and asked if I wanted to ride in my wagon behind his bike. He tied the handle of the wagon to the back of his two wheel bike and away we went...on a very wild ride up the street and back. Just before he delivered me back to my front guessed it...I lost my breakfast all over the bright red tin box on wheels! My Mom was horrified and made Rammey wash the wagon out...LOL

Jay Moreno said...

Yeah, and once you tore up the wagon, you could take the old wheels and axels, a couple of two by fours, a piece of rope, and a broomstick,and a handful of nails and make a cracker-jack, kid-powered go cart that was way more fun than the wagon.