Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sheriff-elect Gregory's original list of potential firees contained 45 names!

Click on title of post for link to GTU story. One would hope that the surviving 18 have been informed that they are on thin ice and had better damned well shape up or prepare to ship out. I feel confidant that Tommy has done, or will do, just that.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping there were more names. At least he got rid of the rotten ones and now he can work on getting rid of the rest. He will know soon who else has to go.

GREAT JOB Tommy. You will do WONDERS in your new position. We have FAITH in you.

Anonymous said...

I was not familiar with some of the names. Who is Jason Seaward and Dimeo and why were they fired?

Anonymous said...

The black community is reeling with the placement of the top brass at the Sheriffs Dept. The entire top tier will be black. GO TOMMY.... Barry Johnson will be second in charge. He is born and raised in Camden County. I'm hearing we have Richard Daly to thank for all of this. So thanks Richard.

Jay Moreno said...

Could you clarify your comment? You state that the balck community is reeling, but then go on to say ( I think) that the entirety of the replacements for the fired top tier will be black. Is that what you meant?

I met Richard Daly a while back.
Major whack job, in my opinion. I hope that Tommy will staer clear of him and NOT let him resume his bonding activities.

Why would he (Daly) want an all black upper echelon at the CCSO, per se, and Barry Johnson (assuming he is black) in particular?

Were you being sarcastic when you thanked Daly, or what.

I'm sure that if I found your comment totally ambiguous, others did as well. Please, try again.

Anonymous said...


I know nothing about the black community; however I do know that Barry Johnson is a very good cop and will be an outstanding asset to Tommy's team in whatever roll he is given. FYI he is black, not that this makes any difference.

Jay Moreno said...

Your comment - particularly the last sentence - is clearly intended to imply that I am a racist. It stems from either your genuine failure to understand that I was simply trying to parse and make sense of the previous comment's highly ambiguous meaning and intent or your being yet another victim of irrational and obsessive Anti-Jay Syndrome. I would hope it is the latter.

For the record - for the umpteenth time - I am not a racist. If Tommy chose what I assume will be "Col."
Barry Johnson as his number two, I'm confident that he is a good man and will do a good job.

Anonymous said...

jay, i have to agree with race has nothing to do with any of this.
but if the rumors are true. ccso could not ask for 2 better people than barry or michael ellerson. both men are greatly respected in camden co. but
on the other hand we know the 2 others rumored and both were bad ,unfair,played favorites,and ect.. so can you tell me how that would of changed

Anonymous said...

Jason Seaward was Dale Bundy's Homicide Detective partner....thought he was a good guy...not sure why he was fired . I don't know who the other one was.

Jay--any clue on who the other people who DIDNT get fired, but (as you say) are on thin ice??

Jay Moreno said...

No - I don't have a clue - and with any luck, I never will. Think about it.