Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Now that's what I call service!

I went on-line sometime yesterday afternoon and ordered one of those digital, RF, indoor/outdoor thermometers and weather stations from a company called "Sales Innovations, Inc.," in Palm Harbor, FL. It arrived by Fed Ex Home Delivery at 1718 HRS today, barely over 24 hours after I ordered it - and on Christmas Eve, no less. Outstanding!


Anonymous said...

Jay, that is fantastic. But did you know that Brunswick experienced a blizzard yesterday? So much so that UPS sent me a tracking notice stating that due to inclement weather in the Brunswick Ga. area (which was the last tracking destination on my package), the movement of my package was delayed. The notice further stated that as soon as the inclement weather lifted, my package would begin makings it's why to my home. I had no idea that 63 degrees and partly cloudy skies prevented the UPS drivers from delivering packages. I guess it true what they say. We learn something new everyday after all. I am however happy to report that the as of today, and even without the assistance of a red-nosed reindeer, the blizzard no doubt cleared and the UPS guy arrived on my door stoop with my package in hand today at noon. So much for the $23.79 I paid for One day air. I won't even begin to tell you about the telephone call I had with UPS Corporate. Suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty. But what's a girl to do? Merry Christmas Jay to you and yours.

Jay Moreno said...

Glad to here that the ice finally thawed on the Sidney Lanier Bridge!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.

Jay Moreno said...

By the way, in the last week or two I've had all kinds of things deliverd to my door by both UPS and Fed Ex.

The guys who delivered to my apartment al knews that I was in a wheelchair and were good about not only waiting for me to get to the door, but were also good about bringing in really heavy or bulky stuff for me and putting in where I wanted it.

Over here, things are way different. They (both) lean stuff up against the wall of my front door alcove, then either ring the bell and sprint back to their trucks - or, worse yet, they just leave the item and do not ring the bell.

One afternoon, they left a large box with pictures of the contents onthe bright orange box. It contained a Black and Decker set of cordless garden tools: a weed eater, a hedge trimmer, and a blower. Value: about $180.00. I only learned it was there when the owner of DeLoach Fence Company dropped by to put in the last panel of my fence (it had been left out to let sod layers get tehri fork lift into the back yard.) A week or so later, they left, without ringing the bell, a large box containing two live crepe myrtles and a clearly marked orange box with pictures of the $375.00 Black & Decker cordless electric lawnmower inside. I only learned those were there when some other tradesman came to the door.

Question: What gives here? How expensive does something have to be before you have to sign for it now? Where would that have left me if someone had made off with any of those items?

Anonymous said...

I ordered a set of golf clubs, over $1,100 worth of golf clubs at that, and was told by the shipper that it was mandatory for me to sign for my delivery. Well, I scheduled the day off so I could sign for them and head for the range afterwards. Around noon, I decided to take a nap on the couch. I woke around 13:30ish only to find my clubs leaned up against the front door. No signature, no knock, nothing. I was a little angry about that, but happy that no one around me plays golf and is dishonest. I had a chat with UPS about that also, with no true answer as to why I didnt have to sign. Weird.

Jay Moreno said...

Yeah, apparently now if Sotheby's shipped the Hope Diamond by UPS or Fed Ex, they would just hang it on the door knob and sprint back to the truck.