Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear "Anonymous" dumb ass...

if you have a modicum of sense left, you will remain anonymous. Here is your latest absurdity you published on TOPIX, Kingsland. " Anonymous Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #18 1 hr ago Rick Rogers wrote: 'You are complaining because Gregory is going to follow the law and release open records? Is that what you are complaining about?' Put what ever kind of spin you would like on it Rogers.The point is Jay Moreno is already saying (dictating) what one of Tommys First acts of sheriff will be. Let me promise you that Tommy will not be told by anyone what to do.Jay getting his record expunged has nothing to do with Bill Smith or Tommy. If he had a lawyer that was worth his salt, then his record would have already been expunged and there is nothing Bill Smith could have done about it. You need to sell that stuff to someone who does not know the law.. What promises were you made Rogers? THIS is why we need to adopt Fla Law and allow Sheriff's in Ga to hold office for only two terms. Tommy or anyone else who wants to remain Sheriff for any amount of time in Ga has to make promises that sometimes may be frowned upon by you and I. I voted for Tommy and I know he will be good, but when Tommy is faced with "little Johnny is a good boy and he knew better than to have that in his car sheriff" can we help him out? It is a fact of life for Ga Sheriff's. Get over it. " In at least this particular instance, Dumb ASS, you DO NOT know the law. The sheriff has everything to do with it. Let me spell it out for you (again.) The procedure: 1. You ask the DA's office how you go about it. 2. They direct you to the clerk of court's office for the form you need to fill out requesting expungement. The lady who handled it at that time - and probably still does - was Dot Mercer. She instructs you to fill out your portion, then take it over to the sheriff's office, where the sheriff has to sign off on it. If you are perceived (correctly) by a no-good sheriff as a political enemy, he can simply refuse to co-operate - which is exactly what Bill Smith did, not once, but twice. When you then call back to the DA's office to ask what recourse you have, he tells you "absolutely none," shy of hiring a lawyer and filing a law suit, because the sheriff is a constitutional dictator who can, if he is no damned good- as is clearly the case with Smith -abuse his office by screwing those who dared to see him for the scum he is and say so. A phone call to the office of the Attorney General of the State of Georgia confirmed that not a damned soul in the legal system outside of a jury could compel the dirty bastard to cooperate. Now, you tell me, genius, in 1995, what the hell do you suppose my chances were of winning over a jury to my side in Camden County? Now, if you don't believe me, why don't you call the DA and ask him. Or better yet, call Tommy and ask him. While you're at it, why don't you suggest to Tommy that I am telling him what to do, rather than asking him to do the right thing to right one of innumerable Bill Smith wrongs. Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

so are you saying that tommy did not stand up for what was right in 1995? and he has now seen the light,changed his stripes.or
are you saying he did not say anything back then. im not sure what you are saying.
im not the one that posted on topix. im just asking

Jay Moreno said...

No, you're not "just asking." What you are 'just" is just another disingenuous Thuggie trying to stir up crap.

As you and all readers know, Tommy was no where near close oenough to the top of the CCSO chain of command in 1995 to have been even aware of my request, much less involved in denying it. The first he was aware of it was when I mentioned it to him at a private oyster roast a couple of weekends after the election.

Give it up, Thuggies. Your hero is not coming back and Tommy is not going away any time soon (though your hero may very well be).