Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Commissioner Berry whacked while leaving Aunt B's!

FLASH: This just in: At approximately 11:40 hours today, as Commissioner Steve Berry, having eaten his usual lunch at Aunt B's, was attempting to pull back out onto Kings Bay Road, his gold Cadillac was rammed by an oncoming, large SUV which subsequently ran off of the road. Berry's car sustained very heavy damage to the left front fender which was smashed way into the engine compartment. The SUV had major front end damage. When I passed by at 11:44 Hrs, all parties were out of the two vehicles, walking around and apparently uninjured. No police or ambulance had yet arrived. Berry's wife and usual lunch companion was no where in sight. She usually arrives and departs in her gold Lincoln Navigator. Update: Posted at 1433 HRS. I was back down there for lunch at 12:40. Based upon the marks on the pavement and what I recalled from my having passed by moments after the accident, it would appear that Berry probably pulled out in front of the SUV which was on Kings Bay headed towards the base in the inside lane. I saw no indication that the SUV braked at all before impact. One possible explanation is that a large vehicle in the outside lane of Kings Bay base bound and turning right into Aunt B's may well have blocked Berry's view o fthe SUV and the SUV's view of Berry. If that is the case, Berry will take the hit, legally. Prediction: Although all of all-male adults (3, I think) were out of the SUV and walking around in no apparent distress, just as soon as they realize who Berry is, they will be in the offices of a chiropractor and a sleazy lawyer within hours. Berry no doubt carries the highest Property Damage and Personal Injury limits he can buy. He'll need it.


Anonymous said...

Next thing you know the county commissioners are going to demand that a red light be put up there.

Jay Moreno said...

Yeah, you may be on to something there.

Come to think of it, that may not be such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Steve was not focused and pulled out in front of an oncoming vehicle