Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blue House poll.

Well, the Blue House poll closed this morning. More people were either neutral or liked the color scheme than thought it would make a buzzard puke. More importantly, I like it. The last time I rode by there was Sunday afternoon. I've been home battling a cold since then. They had put at least the first coat of the "Berry Cobbler" color on the garage door, the front door, and the front shutter. I would guess they've put the finishing coats on by now. Oh, and they put in the plants I requested - some kind of Chinese sounding things - "Zhou......" something. Green leaves with red leaves on top. They look good. A dozen plants come with each house. The week of the closing, I'll have the sprinkler system and the fence installed, then the builder will come back and put the sod in the next week. Anyway, if you want to check it out, just turn onto Mickler Dr. off of Colerain (where Artie Jones' original Krayons Academy sits on the corner), drive on down past Mary Lee Clark Elementary, then turn left onto Victoria's Circle, where you see the Victoria Landing sign. Just keep going about two or three blocks until the road curves to the right. Trust me - you can't miss it. Speed limit is 25. Lots of kids. It seems like a really nice neigborhood. Obviously, very close to elementary and middle schoools. Several lots of various sizes left. P.S., If you choose one of the lots on either side of mine, please run your color scheme by me first. ;-)

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