Saturday, November 15, 2008

It figures.

Y'all remember seeing a picture in the T&G a while back detailing yet another truck load of free vegetables arriving at the Camden County jail from some farmer or other to help feed the inmates and keep the costs down? I do. BTW's boy Simper Fido always gets those stories into the paper for him - though, post election, one wonders why. Well, now, from a post on TOPIX - Kingsland, comes "the rest of the story." "Oh by the way, the paper missed this. Everyone remember the donated food from "limehouse". Some of the chosen administration looked like fleas on a dog when that stuff was delivered. All for the inmates - my butt, the sheriff was waiting with open arms and his truck to pick up as much as he could get. Then V. Griffin ran around delivering in a patrol car vegetables to his family and friends. E. Randall called all the smith cronies and told them to come help themselves to some vegetables or sent someone to deliver it on our dime. She also loaded down the county car with vegetables for herself and everyone she could think of. How are you gonna put a press release in the paper about the big donation just for the inmates when it was more for y'all than the inmates? This leads taxpayers to believe that this will reduce food costs in the jail not pad your personal pockets. They even got a second delivery and did the same dang thing. Law enforcement should not be acting this way. It is a real shame and you all should be apologizing to the community."

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Anonymous said...

I know for a fact several sheriff's office employees got some squash. Someone tried to give me a box, and his wife works for the sheriff.