Friday, November 7, 2008

Latest District 4 poll has just closed.

"Jack Barrick," probably a fictitious ringer. as I suspected all along, got zero votes. Doug Vaught got only 6% of the votes. He's a non-factor. Keith post with 9% is out. Sears, even at 14%, as the incumbent, has to be included in a future poll. At 15%, I'm still in it because its my blog and the whole idea is to test the waters for my possible candidacy. Sandy Feller, at 23%, is still in the running, unless he says otherwise when I speak to him. Robbie Morgan, "won", with 30%, but, as I reported last night, Robbie is not interested in running for the county commission, so he is out of a future poll. As soon as I talk with Sandy, we'll try a much winnowed poll again.

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Anonymous said...

spoke to jack he said he is not going to run. he and his wife is retired and he is to old to get into that bs as he put it.