Monday, November 3, 2008

PLEASE - if you are even a moderately intelligent and patriotic American who, nonetheless, plans on voting for Obama - PLEASE read this carefully!


Anonymous said...

Jay, I think its only fair that you allow this one to be posted. It has nothing to do with fact that you supported McCain/Palin. While others supported Obama/Biden. It's good that people understand we live in a democracy its all about a choice.

I now know that I am a AVID blogger. The clip will so be posted on YouTube of Gov. Palin confessing that she also voted for Barrack Obama. It's priceless, the McCain is constantly saying to the reporter "Okay that will be all" but Gov. Palin, the maverick that she is, continues answering questions. I am most certain that alot of Republicans will do the same thing when they vote today.

The perfect out:

"I am exercising my right to privacy in who I voted for."

Jay Moreno said...

Uh - whatever. Obviously, you were genetically predestined to be a liberal Democrat.