Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks-a-lot, you low down, dirty, thieving piece of human garbage!

A few weeks ago, while shopping in Lowe's, I saw that they carried orange traffic cones. I thought, aha, the perfect solution to those times when there are no van accessible, disabled parking spots available. I've since used it several times at several different locations, to block off the parking spot to the right of my van where the ramp comes down - the side with the sticker on it that asks people not to park within eight feet of that side of the van and tells them why. It worked quite well up until this morning. With all of the disabled spaces at Walmart occupied, I drove way out to the edge of the lot, parked, and put out my cone. You, you vile piece of worhtless human debris, stole the cone during the twenty five minutes or so that I was shopping. Fortunately, when I returned, I was far enough out that no other car had parked beside me, which would have made it impossible to get back into my van. I take some comfort in knowing that somewhere, there already exists a prison cell which you will likely someday occupy.

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Anonymous said...

I don't normally agree with most of your rants, but in this case I agree this is a low life.