Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing Santa to someone in a wheelchair?

Then here's a gift idea. When you are a guy (or a woman wearing pants) in a wheelchair, getting into your rear pockets is next to impossible; your side pockets, difficult. As a result, I used to carry my keys, wheelchair lift remote control, and eyeglass case around on two different lanyards around my neck. I carried my wallet stuffed into my left, front, pants pocket. Getting it in and out was a particular pain. All of that is no longer a problem. Early week before last,I went on line and purchased one of those Buxton, over the shoulder, "organizers" you've seen adverised ad nauseum on TV. I got it last Monday. It is the perfect solution. With proper adjustment of the strap, it fits over the left lower quadrant of my abdomen. My seat belt goes just above it with no problem. It does not interfere with my steering wheel. You could also carry all of the above and a .38 snubby or a .380 pistol (with a concealed permit, of course.) I keep my keys in the front zippered pocket; my glasses in the next, my wallet in the next, and my cell phone in the next. Zippered pockets on both sides for pens. It works great. Yeah, I've gotten a few funny looks from some macho rednecks, but hey, screw 'em. It should be obvious why I'm using it. By the way, I just saw the same bag in Walmart Friday. All they had in stock at that time was the brown version. I got the black one. There is also a red version. It's good leather and seems put together well. Perhaps Walmart will have all three colors back in stock later. At Walmart, you pay the same $19.95 as on line, but save the $5.95 shipping. WARNING: If you go chose to call the toll free number as I did (after I found out that I could not order the second one I bought as a gift in a different color without going through the whole on-line process twice), be sure you are fully alert and have 20 minutes to spare. The phone order way is fully automated. Once they have your credit card number, they try for another 18 minutes or so to sell you all kinds of other crap you will likely have no interst in. Don't panic. Just keep hitting "0" for no. My order came U.S. Mail in about 4 days with no problems.

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