Saturday, November 1, 2008

New District 4 poll up.

Note new District 4 poll in upper right-hand corner. This one has the additional choices y'all suggested. Note that Robbbie Morgan does retain residency in District 4, above his office. I have no idea at this point if he would consider running.


Anonymous said...

Come on please, who the heck would vote for Sandy Feller?? He backed Bill Smith. I am guessing Sandy is voting for him self under multiple names. He is washed up in this county.

Jay Moreno said...

No, I doubt that.

Sandy would probably do well if he ran again. Remember, he only lost to the Smith candidate by 21 or 22votes, as I recall.

I note that there seems to be virtually no support for returning the incumbent, Sears, or for DJ Doug, for that matter.

Robbie Morgan is coming along. I'll have to ask him if he's interested next time I see him - which will probably be later this week.

Anonymous said...

Jay at times you are so polite.

But I think your southern hospitality is misguided here.

Sandy Feller needs to seek professional help immediately. No matter how many people he instructs to vote for him via YOUR blog, he will never get elected again in Camden. Most definitely NOT in St. Marys.

There are too many people that will vote AGAINST him. Please believe me when I tell you this. He would be better served to put his resources behind you or Robbie. As you two are the only viable candidates listed.

Jay Moreno said...

Yes, I do have my off days. ;-)