Thursday, November 6, 2008

This just in..

I just returned from the appreciation dinner for Sheriff -elect Tommy Gregory. (It officially ended 7 minutes ago.) It was well attended and very, very well catered, as all of Tommy's events have been. I had an interesting conversation with my friend Robbie Morgan. He confirmed that he has been following the poll on this blog concerning candidates to replace Charlene Sears. He is gratified that some have mentioned him as a candidate, but assured me that he has no interest in running for county commission. That is because he does have an interest in running at a future date for a county office in which his legal training and experience would be put to far better use. I'll leave it to Robbie to reveal that office when he deems it appropriate. When the current poll closes, I'll have a chat with my old friend Sandy Feller to see which way the wind is blowing where he is concerned. Oh, and my sincere thanks to the several nice folks I met tonight who all told me how much they enjoy this blog and have come to see it as a reliable alternative sourcc for local news. That is most gratifying.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Robbie Morgan is considering State Representative. We sure need someone else in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Well known and loved past Sheriff James (Jimmy) Hall Middleton, died last night of a heart attack. Just thought you might let your viewers know since he had many old friends in this County.

Jay Moreno said...

Thanks. I had just logged on to post that very news. Cathy Gentry told me down at Aunt B's just a few minutes ago.