Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Deja vu.

All morning, I've had this nagging feeling that this profound sense of loss and foreboding was vaguely familiar. It just hit me: learning this morning that America-hating socialists had prevailed and ushered in the beginning of the downward spiral to the hellish world envisioned in Ayn Rand's prophetic Atlas Shrugged was no less shocking than hearing a visibly distraught Walter Cronkite announce that President John F. Kennedy had died in a Dallas hospital. More thoughts when I feel up to it.


Anonymous said...

I remember that day and you're right.

Anonymous said...

WE have allowed the tail to wag the dog. We have allowed those who do the least to allow the friend of terroist and their associates to become the most powerful man on the earth. A Muslim. Powell said, "So what if he is a Muslim." Biden said the same thing.We now have a socialists and his liberal supporters taking over our country. Re-distribution of wealth and nationalizing our major banks is just what other socialistic countries (communists) have done. It is those who have become wealthy because of their talents, hard work and character that have provided us with what we have. They have the businesses that provided the products, resources and employment. They prove the goods and services that permits us to have a middle class, the back bone of America. What we are fixing to have is just what communist countries have. The top people will be in the government and the rest will be very low on the scale. Captialism will cease to be what it has been. Jay you are right. Love of country has not been the guiding factor. It is give me some thing that I don't have to work for. That is what happens when you have early voting and folks are hauled to the polls. Camden County is a prime example. They could haul folks to two places instead of 13 polling places. True we voted right, but it was no so in the rest of the country. We have allowed the havenots, willnots and the crazed cult like liberals to take us on the bullet train to socialism. Good by America.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't agree with the fact that he won by the electorial votes. All of the American Votes have not been counted yet. So did we just wasted our time to go vote for the most valuable position "President of the USA".
This is a very Sad Day.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all just get along. If McCain had won, the others would be expected to suck it up and support the Commander and Chief of the United States of America. If you guys truly are Americans then support the person that was elected and suppress those vile spirits.

I have alot of caucasian friends. I am somewhat stunned at their reaction to actually having a black president. They won't say that their resentment is due to Obama skin. So they make so many other anti statements.

It is now time to unify. Blacks and Whites must meet in the middle if we are going to be successful. Divided we will not succeed.

Jay Moreno said...

I can assure you that for the vast majority of conservative American's, our deep concern for our country in the hands of America hating socialists has nothing whatsoever to do with race. As I've stated previuosly on this blog, had Obama been running in the Republican primaries as a conservative with a long track record of conservatism, I have little doubt that he would have won the Republican nomination. I know that with his obvious intelligence, eloquence and education, I would have chosen him over any of the actual Republican contenders.

Many conservatives would have like to see Secretary of State Condi Rice run. You are way off base on the charge of pervasive white racism. In point of fact, the overwqhelming majority of virulent racism in America today clearly and demonstrably resides in the black community. I have no doubt that many more unthinking votes were cast FOR Obama in the name of black racism than denied him in the name of white racism.

My sincere hope is that at the end of eight years of Obama, we conservatives will NOT be able to ruefully say, "We told you so." I doubt that that will be the case.

I think it far more likely that in eight years, we will see a massive welfare state; Iranian hegemony all the way to the Mediterranean; Russia exercising control over all of the former Soviet satelllites,; and a tottally despotic Hugo Chavez, via multiple Che Guevarra clones, fomenting communist (he will have stopped pretending to be a mere "socialist") revolutions in virtually all Latin American countries.

In the end, tens - if not hundreds - of American service men and women will have to die to undue the damage fools like you have unleashed upon America because you asked not what would be best for your country, but which candidate would be more likely to help you steal more of your more successful countrymen's assets at the point of an IRS gun -through the form of leftist, mass theft known euphemistically as "redistribution of wealth."

I just hiope that we who are "truly Americans" will be able to maintain a magnanimous "America, forgive the fools, for they knew not what they were unleashing" attitude at the end of the day when we have had to rise up politically and save America from the selffish, shortsighted folly of feel-good fools like you.

Jay Moreno said...

"In the end, tens - if not hundreds - of American" should have read "In the end, tens, if not hundreds of thousands - of American..."

Anonymous said...

I love my Country, I fear my government !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I just hiope that we who are "truly Americans" will be able to maintain a magnanimous "America, forgive the fools, for they knew not what they were unleashing" attitude at the end of the day when we have had to rise up politically and save America from the selffish, shortsighted folly of feel-good fools like you."

Just knowing that this is truly how you feel in your heart makes me wonder why you would desire to seek public office. People such as yourself that are referred to as "true Americans" have run this country since its existence.

Why is it now detrimental to the existence of the United States as we now know it to have a black man as president. I think you should dig a little deeper on your racism gauge. I have found amongst people like you "true American" that racism is the root of your mentality.

The good news is no matter how you and your "true American" friends feel WE ALL have a black man for the next 8 years. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Jay Moreno said...

Sir or Madam,

How ironic that the very words out of your own mouth confirm that you, personally, are a fulminating black racist and serve only to confirm my prior observation of the self-evident - that the nidus of the majority of racism in American today resides in the black community.

If you are looking for racism in thiks author, you are barking up the wrong tree. Any further efforts to convince a true and painfully obvious racist like you, would of course be to no avail so I will not waste my words on you any further.

If you want to see true examples of
truly repulsive white racism extant in this county, you can find plenty of it on TOPIX, Kingsland, but not here.

Anonymous said...

The price we pay allowing this to happen is going to be more than any of us can anticipate. We have turned our country over to a novice. No opposition when he ran for the senate and the year he was in the senate he spent campagining. Not only are we going to pay a dear price, we are never going to have the America we knew before we turned it over to a socalist Muslim. As some one so wisely said "God surely must have loved the fools because he created a bunch." Good bye America. Hello socialism.

Anonymous said...

He was voted into office because he was black, not because he was a good candidate. Now that he is there; GOD help us all, we need to hold him liable for all of those campaign promisjiumss he made during his run for office. He should be made to honor all of his promises or be removed from office. We can still impeach a president , can't we? Make him work or make him go!

Jay Moreno said...

There was a chart in yesterday's GTU which showed that nationwide, 96% of blacks voting voted for Obama. That means that some otherwise conservative blacks voted their race first. However, the same chart showed that the overwhelming percentage of votes cast for Obama were from white voters. I'll have to see if I cn find that chart and scan it. There were somne other very interesting demographic breakdowns.

My fear is that he WILL do everything he's promised, including those promises he has made to his inner circle of America-hating,radical socialists which were carefully concealed from the voting public.