Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walgreen's traffic patterns.

Pay attention: there will be a quiz. Well, I went by Walgreen's on my way back from Sonny's and Lowe's on Sunday. I looked all over the store but could not find any artesian wells bubbling up through the floor. I bought some of that Zicam cold remedy that Rush advertises. I'll let you know. Anyway, the traffic pattern really sucks. If you are west of Walgreen's and eastbound on 40, you can not access Walgreen's from Hwy 40. You have to turn left onto Kings Bay, go down to where the Walmart entrance is, do a U-turn on Kings Bay, then cut through Tire King's parking lot. When you are done, if you want to proceed in either direction on Hwy 40, just come back through the Tire King lot and turn right. Or, alternatively, if you want to go west on 40, you may go around the building and exit directly onto westbound 40. However, if you want to go left, towards aunt B's on Kings Bay, you can't, unless you illegally cross the median. If you are east of Walgreen's and westbound on Hwy 40, you may turn in directly off of Hwy 40. You may also exit westbound directly onto 40. However, if you want to go back eastbound on Hwy 40, you have to go around through the Tire King parking lot and turn right onto Kings Bay road. Got that? It strikes me that you have to want something from Walgreen's really badly. It would be great if they could punch through a service road from the back of Walgreen's, behind Tire King and the Dry Cleaners, all the way over to the road beside the lake where Danny Daniels' car went in - across from the Walmart entrance.

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Anonymous said...

Jay I totally agree with your assessment here. What a cluster. I also went to Walgreens on Tuesday night and found the staff to be less than helpful. I asked the cashier were to find a particular item and she said "well whenever I was here at 12 today, I don't think we had any of those." I again ask here were they kept those products so that I could look for myself and she just repeated her earlier reply. I gave up, parked my buggy and promptly exited the store and went around the block to Walmart to make my purchase. I will not waste my time returning to the store. Walmart really isn't that much further and it is easier to access, as opposed to going through the hassel of trying to drive around in circles just to go to Walgreens.