Friday, April 24, 2009

The easy way to steer folks to Camden Commentary.

After I had finished another excellent lunch at Aunt B's just a few minutes ago, I asked co-owner Janie Highsmith if she had seen my review of The Mill on my blog. She said no, but several customers had told her and Cathy Gentry about it (I can just imagine). However, she and Cathy were unable to find it. Naturally, I wrote down the URL for her and apologized for fumbling her last name. No doubt, whoever asked them if they had seen it did not know how to tell them how to find the blog. Now, I'll grant you, remembering is rather difficult. There is, however, a much simpler, virtually foolproof way. Just tell folks to Google the words "Camden Commentary." A link to my blog will pop right up. Try it - you'll see. It's the very first listing on the page - and the second one too, for that matter.

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