Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's hope this is an honest misunderstanding on Sandy's part versus the alternative.

From TOPIX on 4/26/09. This inaccurate statement appeared under the heading "i have been barred from camden commentary." sandy feller Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #1 12 min ago my question is, should i be flattered or depressed? i await your comments. This is, of course, absolutely untrue. Update: Sunday @ 1907 HRS. I know the denizens of TOPIX do not like to let the truth get in the way of a good, cowardly, gang attack, but someone might want to tell them that the incident upon which they are basing their comments NEVER HAPPENED. Sandy is not now nor has he ever been banned from this site. Nor, to my knowledge, have I ever failed to publish any comment he has submitted. I'm surprised that Sandy has not corrected the error himself, but then I'm surprised at much of what he has written lately. If you want to wise them up, here is the link:


Anonymous said...

If the man has a real friend out there, he/she should go over and take away his keyboard.

It is better to be thought a fool than to speak or post and remove all doubt.

Anonymous said...

He would just buy another one

Jay Moreno said...

Thank you, Rebel Dawg.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly welcome.Take care,

Rebel Dawg