Monday, April 27, 2009

The pathological blogosphere of some victimhood obsessed blacks..

I was reading an article on the Drudge report today. A link in the article led me to this totally unexpected and somewhat disconcerting discovery. Scroll down to the second article on this site and check out some of his favorite blogs. So much for the post-racial Obama era.


Anonymous said...

Just what is an African American? In my book, that would be some one who came here from Africa and became a U.S. Citizen, not some one who was born and raised here. That would make them a Black American. Why do we need the separation? If you are American, then be American, not an African, Irish, or Italian American. If you are born in this country, then you are an American; regardless of your familiy's nationality. Then again, the only true Americans, are Native Americans!

Anonymous said...

Jay, you must read the Georgia Times Union. I sent you a email before all of the came to fruition. Now everyone is in agreement with my position, even the original recipient of the email. Hooray for Camden County!!!

This is a good example of the benefits that could happen in this County if we could all get on the same page. And water down the self appointed groups that are set on furthering the personal agendas of private investors.