Friday, April 17, 2009

Meanwhile, Camden still has no JDA executive director.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back at the O.K. corral called Camden County we are paying Alyce C. Thornhill, Economic Development Director $52,208.00, Leon Harper, Economic Development Director $63,051.46 and willing to pay a Joint Development Director another $100,000.00 and WHAT do the taxpayers get in return.

OOOOPPSS...... the above amount leaves out the $50,000.00 being paid in Woodbine for Economic Development Director.

For $265,259.46 you would think Camden County would be able to land at least one of the opportunities that you have posted Jay.

Jay Moreno said...

Your last comment presumes that our JDA, et al, have every actually made an effort period -much less a serious effort - to land an industry. You have probably read my story before on the strong circumstantial evidence that it was in fact the real estate division of Wlamart that actually landed the Express Scripts operation. Our JDA just took credit for it.

In short, I'm not all all convinced that any serious efforts have EVER been made - in which case the aforementioned folks have drawn nice salaries to piss away MILLIONS!