Sunday, April 26, 2009

A tutorial on the two ways to post a comment.

Insofar as I'm acquiring new readers all the time, I find it advisable to republish these instructions from time to time. First of all, any comments that are submitted are read by me and either approved or rejected before they see the light of day. That is why my blog has not degenerated into the sewage pit that some other blogs are. 1. Your first step is to got o the bottom of the post and click on the word "comments." 2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen that pops up, write your comment in the space provided. 3. Fill in the "Word Verification" box by typing in the colored, italicized letters and or numbers seen just above the box. 4. Decide whether you want to publish as "Anonymous" or under your own name or some assumed name - i.e., a nom du plume. 5. If you want to publish as "anonymous" just go down and click on the circle next to "anonymous," then click on "Publish Your Comment." 6. if you want to publish under your own real name or a fictitious name, go to where it says "No Google Account?", then click on "Sign up here." It's free and once you have done it, your name works on any Google sponsored blog. Once you have an account, all you have to do back on the comment page is to write your message; type in the word verification; type in your user name (your e-mail address- which only Google will know - I will not have access to it); your password (whatever you chose when you registered); and, finally, click on "Publish Your Comment." In either event, as soon as you hit "Publish Your Comment," your comment is automatically sent to both my personal e-mail and my blog control panel. I check both frequently. You should see you comment published shortly, unless it is obscene or clearly just more Thuggie hate mail.

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