Friday, August 22, 2008

I'll be out of town..

on business for the next 40 hours or so. I'll post your comments and respond to e-mails as soon as I get back.


Anonymous said...

Jay, have you heard anything else about Bill Smith's indictments?

St Marys Resident said...


I was watching the St. Marys City Council meeting on the local TV station when the Mayor scolded Councilwoman Hase for overstepping her authority...right at that moment, the recorded meeting was cutoff. I was wondering how that debate turned out and if you knew any background on this issue?

Jay Moreno said...

Okay, I'm back from Savananh.

I left at 1230 HRS on Friday, thinking that after I drove north 2 or 3 counties, I would likely drive out from under Fay. WRONG!
Way wrong! Hell, it got worse! I've been up since 0430 today. I'll give y'all the details tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

All I've heard lately about the indictment(s) is continuing assurances from a well placed source that they are coming. I do beleive they are still calling witnesses from Camden up to Savannah to testify - including some this past week.

No, I don't know - yet - what went on at the city council meeting, but I'll find out.

Anything else interesting happen while I was gone?

St Marys Resident said...

I thought nothing got past you!

Jay Moreno said...

Obviously, you did not think that, and even more obviously, your original question was merely a setup to take your chicken-shit swipe at me. If you loathe me, that's fine, but why not have the balls to just come out and say so and sign your real name to it? That you similarly hate Deborah Hase is also obvious.

Anonymous said...

To St. Marys Resident:

I noticed that too! I was curious as to whether it was about the transcript that appeared on another blog or was it because of a situation that occurred between her and the City Manager of Kingsland. In both cases Hase overstepped her bounds.

Jay Moreno said...

That last comment was, of course, the same "St. Marys Resident" coming back as someone else to support their own previous position.

I just finished laboring through all 3 hours and ten minutes of the last St.Marys City Council meeting.

When the council came back from an executive session, there waxs indeed a "blow up" involving current Mayor Eskridge and former mayor, now Councilwoman Hase.

Eskridge had been spoiling for a fight with hase during the whole meeting. He took about twenty minutes to read what most of us could have knocked off in 5. The poor devil has about a third grade reading ability. That he has succeded in spite of it is truly remarkable.

Eskridge clearly feels inferior to Hase, as well he should. She was a much more articulate and accomplished mayor. It is painfully obvious that she is the most competent individual behind the daiss.

Eskridge really lost his cool. Unlike Nikita, he only pounded the dais repeatedly with his fist during his tirade, - not his shoe.
He is no match for Deborah Hase. His election was a major mistake.

You know, I was thinking tonight that maybe there should be two St. Marys - one for the "downtown" fixated Lilliputians, and one for the rest of us. Perhaps Lilliputian Olde St. Marys could lie between lines going due south and due east from Buck Addy's place. The rest of the pie would be New St. Marys.

If you've got a spare 3 hours, you can watch this spectacle on the St. Marys website.

Tomorrow night's meeting should be interesting. I think I'll try to make it.

Jay Moreno said...

Hell, while I'm at it, I might as well let it all hang out. There aere three people on that council who definitely are fgiving us our money's worth: Deborah Hase, Chuck Trader, and Gull Weaver. I would defintely vote for them again.

Though his patrician, country club airs put me off a bit, Bill DeLoughey is at least competent. Failing there being a demonstrably better candidate, I would probably vote for him again as well. The reaming three are either in it for their own narrow business interests or are just simply not ready-for-prime-time-players.

Yes, the mnore I think about it the more I like the two St. Marys idea. Let the Littl;e Enders and The Big Enders have Olde St. Marys: the rest of us will move on into the future in New St. Marys. Why hell, they can joust on golf carts!

What do y'all think.