Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strapped St. Marys adopts some cuts; considers more.

http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/081908/geo_320175817.shtml One wonders if these cuts are intended to stand, or if council is floating a trial balloon to see if enough public hue and cry can be raised to give political cover for a modest millage increase. From TOPIX, Kingsland: sandy feller Saint Marys, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #1 1 hr ago as I predicted floating the water and sewer bond issue is destroying us. by my calculations debt service is approximately 250,000. a month. because I do not have access to the city financial records this is only an estimate. I predicted the problem because I knew that gas prices would dry up splost money derived from I95 travelers and the down turn in housing starts would dry up fees. as an aside we would not be dependent on bldg start money if we had imposed impact fees in the proper manner. that is when site plan approvel is granted to new projects.


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail DEAD on the head. The elected officials are a joke..... I have come to the conclusion that the reason they continue with this madness is because of the voting public. People continue to vote them in and they continue to work against the people.

The only logical solution to all of this madness would be to consolidate the governments. The elected officials refuse to bring industry here! The taxpayers can't continue to fund four governments. Each of the municipalities budget consist of 60% or more salaries.

Anonymous said...

Start with fire and police. What a savings to the taxpayers that would be.

Anonymous said...

city incorporation is a voluntary act on the part of the citizens. if they want to reverse it they can. however, if they do that they become the slaves of the county commission. there is no substitute for public involvement in the political process. form a civic association and grow your own candidates for public office.