Monday, August 18, 2008

In a wheel chair and looking for an apartment?

If so, I just thought that I would pass on that my 2 BR, 1 1/2 bath, +/- 950 sq. ft. apartment at Park Place will no doubt be available by March 1st, if not sooner. My lease expires on January 31st, but I'm sure they will strip out and replace all of the old carpet after painting the place. Here are the changes they made to it (Apt. 714, ground floor, on the lake) to accommodate me. There is a concrete wheelchair ramp at the front door. All interior doors, including the door to the MBR walk-in closet have been replaced with 36" doors. The stove has been replaced with a new one with the controls along the front edge. One non-load bearing short wall separating the bathroom from the adjoining laundry room has been removed to give me more wheel chair maneuvering room in the bathroom. There are both horizontal and vertical grab bars on the bathtub walls. There is a vertical grab bar next to the bathroom sink. The original bathroom vanity has been replaced with a pedestal sink you can roll up under. The galley kitchen is a little less than 5' wide, but you can get by. If you are interested, you probably should call them now and let them know. The office number is 673-7037. P.S., They mounted a mail box next to my front door for me. The post office will deliver to your door ( as opposed to the mail kiosk) if your'e disabled. I'll leave that for you.

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