Saturday, January 3, 2009

JDA board intiates search for a "new" JDA director.

But the question is, do they have a new set of expectations for the performance of the new director, or are they just offering the same old do-nothing sinecure for a do-nothing care-taker? This is a golden opportunity for the citizens to tell the Camden County Commissioners to tell the board that if they expect to continue to be funded with tax dollars, they had better damned well actually produce some results. When done correctly, the job of the JDA is to sell Camden County as a desirable location for new businesses. That said, the JDA director is (in counties where the desire of the county commissioners is actually to bring in new jobs rather than to hold down the competition for good employees to benefit their good ol' boy constituents who own local, low-wage businesses)a salaried salesman. I'll guarandamntee you that there is no such thing in the private sector as a salaried salesman who does not have a sales quota. So why have we tolerated two do-nothing JDA directors here in Camden since my arrival in 19993, and no doubt before that? I would hope that the commissioners would insist, as a condition of continued funding, that the contract with the new man contain a time line and quotas (measured in new businesses, number of employees, and gross payroll) for performance with certain termination (with NO SEVERANCE) for failure to perform up to benchmarks. Conversely, in addition to the stick, there should be a carrot. I believe that it is well within the law for an independent authority to compensate the director with a combination of a nominal salary and a commission program. Perhaps this could be in the form of a certain percentage of the gross payroll of any new company recruited, payable beginning on the first day the company's second full year of operation in the county and paid annually thereafter for the balance of the company's first five years in the community. We really should not tolerate another do-nothing JDA with a well paid, do-nothing director on an expense account. What say y'all?


Go JDA! said...

Can't say I always agree with your philosophy or comments; however, on this one you are spot on. The results of JDA to date have been abysmal, both in the job and business area, as well as bringing and maintaining a post-high school educational partnership that benefits the community, businesses, and future employers and employees. The Express Scripts is an example. ES is a business with a limited or close zero growth potential that to this date is still the highlight of the JDA website, as well as a meeting with former governor Ray Barnes, both occurring sometime in 2001(?). Not indicative of much progress. The current economic cycle of our country could become a real opportunity if our county leadership really gets serious about change and innovation. Let's get into the game and win for once!

Jay Moreno said...

Resistance is futile.

If you have a moment, how would you describe my "philosophy" that you have been able to discern from reading my blog?

Anonymous said...

Jay, I believe your philosophy is one of fundamental belief that things can be better in our government IF that is the DESIRE of our elected officials.

I don't always agree with the philosophy of Steve Berry but I believe he would be a good advocate for the people getting a productive JDA Director. (If his father-in-law does not protest, being that he has always served on the JDA board)

The two of you together could work to implement ideas and convictions of a truly functioning JDA. Based on what you have already written, tells me you are on the right tract. This may just catapult you onto the Commission. (The taxpayers of Camden want this area to be totally functional, more so than any other department)

With Moreno, Berry and Keene I believe the County could finally be headed in the right direction.

Here Yee, jobs for all! Lower taxes!! More local businesses!!!

I sorry, I'm already so excited about the posssibilites..........

Jay Moreno said...

Hot damn! When you "come on over," you really come on over! I happen to agree with you 100%, by the way.