Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another liar heard from.

bj mackay Kingsland, GA Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #69 8 min ago Anon wrote: I see this was given to Rick so it would take everyone forever to get through it. Right off I see some increases in the commissioners office. Kathryn Bishop was $ 11.82 in 2006 and now is $ 19.27. INTERESTING. Staci Bowick was $ 1960.79 bi weekly which is $ 50,980.54 a year and now $31.157 hourly which is 64,806.56 yearly based on 2080 work hours an increase of $ 13,826.00 a year. So much for no pay increases.Thanks Rick for all your work! I have posted on Jays site and asked if he thought Katie being Steve Berrys daughter was just the same old good old boy crap. But Mr "I am smarter than thou" won't publish my comment. Why is he so guarded about Berry? I heard that Berry was his attorney in a case a few years back and that he was able to have some charges dropped, via the good old boy system. Does this figure into all of that? I work at the schol where one of his good friends husband works and they say that his dementia goes way back. Mr. McKay - if that is your name - I posted it as soon as I retrieved it. You, Sir, only posted the damned thing moments ago. Now, as to you hearing that Berry was my attorney, you either heard wrong or you are just one more TOPIX liar. Mr. Berry has never represented me. Mr. Berry and I have never spoken over ten words between us EVER. I don't have a good friend whose husband works at a school. Insofar as you aver that you have personal knowledge of such a friend and report what this non-existent friend said, you, Sir, are also a LIBELING, lying, son-of-a-bitch. If you are real, kindly send me your full name and your proper address for receiving legal service.


Alice said...

Well does it matter that she is Steve Berrys daughter? It seems kind of shady to me. When I read the comments on Topix they all seem to say I heard or someone told me. They are all rubbish. But the fact is that she is Berrys daughter is very troubling to me.

Jay Moreno said...

I trust that you would agree that while she should not get "head-of-the-line" priviledges in the hiring process, neither should she be banned from employment with the county because her father is a county commissioner.Could it be that Commissioner Berry told the head of Human Resources "thou shalt hire my daughter?" If, indeed he did,I too would take a very dim view of that. I would take an even dimmer view if she turned out to be incompetent at her job.

That said, there is no evidence of either. That she learned of an opening from her dad is entirely possible, but not particularly troubling if she did, so long as he did not mandate or pressure for her hiring over other qualified candidates. As to her competence, from what I've observed at county commission meetings, she seems to be on top of everything. I knoiw she has been to college and I assume graduated. She is, of course, the daughter at the center of the famous lawsuit between Steve berry and the Brandons regarding whether or not the divorce decree mandated that Steve pay for a private college vs. one in the state university system.

Given the size of this county's population - more particularly the size of its college educated population not employed ont he base, the chances of an elected official NOT having a relative in the employ of the body to which he or she is elected are not good.

Insofar as she is obviously qualified, doing a good job, and has not wrecked any county property or stolen any county funds, I'm not too "concerned" about her being a county employee.

I hasten to point out that I am not from here; have absolutely no relatives in the county; have very few close friends; and damned surely don't owe anyone any "favors." I would never have even the appearance of nepotism.