Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why not sell the county-owned "Gilligan's Island" property?

Do we really need it? What percentage of the county's populace has EVER used it or has any desire to EVER use it? It seems to be a hangout for drunken yahoos and folks who can't swim but don't have the sense to stay out of the deep water. We clearly can't afford to police it adequately. We could certainly use the money from the sale of it - not to mention getting shed of some major liability exposure. Let me know what y'all think via comments and the poll I'm going to put up.

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Anonymous said...

If it is sold the money would go to the PSA and not the commissioners. Hey Jay, I have heard that the commissioners have taken over the money from the landfill account and have spent it. You need to check this out. If they did do this it is illegal the way the fund account was set up, it was suppose to be used only for a new cell at the landfill and the commissioners were not suppose to touch it. But whatever they do is okay with them.