Friday, May 15, 2009

Interesting e-mail from Charles Davis.

Hello:Over the past week I have seen the FEMA people all over Camden County, Georgia. What is going on? Why are they here.Recently we had a some flooding in the surrounding Counties along the banks of the Satilla River.When the Road bed was raised on Hwy 40 west of Kingsland by DOT was this a plan to have this happen (the Flooding) because anyone that has lived here for any length of time knows that the Satilla River will flood and go over to the St. Marys River this has been a natural pop off value to keep from flooding these counties to the west. When the DOT did this they should have used a series of Bridges with plenty of room for the water to get over to the St. Marys River.No they built it out of earth and sand and clay 12 feet high to prevent it from flowing they way it has for a very long time. Now I am not saying that he DOT thinking was this way, but; it sure fits into the pattern to put a big straw into our water and ship it over to the west of us and down into Florida allowing Atlanta to keep all the water in Atlanta and give ours to Florida ! That is what the lawsuit was about who gets the water !They are attempting to change the laws on water rights in this State is this what we want to have happen to us ?I think it is time we put our heads together and make a move on them before we become thirsty.C. R. Davis, Sr. Camden Commentary: Yes, the JDA meeting had to be moved over to the library this morning because the FEMA / Georgia Disaster Relief team has there humongo operations center bus parked between the library and the annex and they are using the annex meeting room to handle claims. Only one problem: no Camdenians are showing up. Oh, by the way, Charles, Camden was just recently declared a disaster area as well. It was on the news a few days ago.

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