Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Caution: miscreant TOPIX idiots at work.

Anon United States Reply » Report Abuse Judge it! #66 8 min ago I see this was given to Rick so it would take everyone forever to get through it. Right off I see some increases in the commissioners office. Kathryn Bishop was $ 11.82 in 2006 and now is $ 19.27. INTERESTING. Staci Bowick was $ 1960.79 bi weekly which is $ 50,980.54 a year and now $31.157 hourly which is 64,806.56 yearly based on 2080 work hours an increase of $ 13,826.00 a year. So much for no pay increases.Thanks Rick for all your work! No, idiot. Staci did not get a pay increase for the same work. In the consolidation of departments, she got a promotion to a much heavier work load with much more responsibility. Her pay is nowhere near out of line for an experienced and capable employee with a huge responsibility and an MBA. Katie Bishop is now filling the post of County Clerk vacated by Jodi Gregory. Different job, different pay rate. Get over it and get to improving your own prospects. And no, idiot, it is not about my election prospects: it is about the fact that I have a visceral abhorrence for lying, libeling, anonymous, cowardly, miscreant scum - like you.


Anonymous said...

Ain't you a smartass!

Jay Moreno said...

If you are commenting upon the obvious fact that I am more intellingent than you, why, yes, I am.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a title now Jay? Has someone elected you to police Topix for the County Government? You just keep up the good work and you will never be able to win anything in this County, certainly not a County Commissioner. You keep calling all these voters names and they do take offense to that, especially someone that was not born in Camden County. Also, the Southern definition of Smartass is also Dumbass. You certainly have a high opinion of yourself. You certainly are not the smartest person in this County, Mr. Howard has you beat by a mile. I know the only way you will print this is so that you can call me some of your choice names, but I really could care less what you think of my comments, just like you could care less what I have to say about you.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter that Katie Bishop is Steve Berrys daughter? Just seems kind of the same old same old.

Jay Moreno said...

Yes: The Great Debunker of Lies.
By the way, the correct expression is " I could NOT care less...".

While I may not (or may) be the smartest (i.e., most intelligent) person in the county, it is an incontrovertable fact that statistically, I am in the top 2%.

What you meant to say (or would have had you sufficient intellignece to know it) is that Mr. Howard has more formal education than I.

People who tell deliberate lies about other honest, hard working people should be offended by my well earned derogatroy names for them. That they should is my intention. If I should ever stoop so low as to pander to such vermin to earn their votes, then decent people should not vote for me under any circumstances. Fortunately, the decent folks far outnumber the lying, libeling vermin. Perhaps the lying vermin will be offended enough to quit spreading baseless lies about decent people, but I doubt it.

Jay Moreno said...


The inherent scumminess of the lying vermin is a fact that exists totally independently of the place of my birth (Savannah).

Jay Moreno said...

Special to the world's smartest concrete truck driver instructor:

When one has a tested IQ of 136, one is not just statistically in the most intelligent 2% of the population of Camden, but of the entire human race. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to tell us you are the smartest person in the world? Why not work on your people skills if you plan on running for office? I just don't get it. Topix is Topix, your need to defend yourself is getting old. May I suggest you stay off of Topix, and concentrate on the work at hand. Just an idea.

Jay Moreno said...

No, just in the lower range of the top 2%. There are millions more intelligent than I in this world, though not more than 999 in Camden, based on a population of 50,000. My volunteering that information was in response to vicious attacks upon my intelligence (not to mention my parentage, my supposed ethnicity, my supposed criminal background, my supposed homoxsexuality, my supposed pedophelia,my supposed life long dependence upon welfare, etc., etc.)

Actually, in person, when dealing with decent folks, I have great people skills. I'm just hell on proudly ignorant, lying, libeling, trash, while at the same time sympathetic to decent but ignorant folks.

If I run, I'm not running on good looks and/or personality. I woulld run on intelligence, competence, and integrity - and a sense of urgency to bring Camdsen's economy up to its full and as yet unrealized potential.

I'll take your suggestion under advisement.