Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New item at Aunt B's.

I usually eat at Aunt B's only on Fridays and Sundays but I was out running errands today and found it more convenient to eat out than go home for lunch. Today, for the first time, according to the kid behind the serving line, they had, along with their usual extensive selection, low country boil. Nice medium sized shrimp that I'll bet you were fresh caught and local, smoked sausage, corn-on-the-cob, onions, potatoes, bell pepper, and - get this - whole boiled eggs still in the shell. That was a new one on me. Anyone? Of course, it was seasoned perfectly with either Zatarain's or Old Bay seasoning. Man, it was good.


Anonymous said...

Being the southern food expert you proclaim to be, you should know the difference between Zatarains and Old Bay. There is a huge difference in the taste.

Jay Moreno said...

That was only the second time I ever had low country boil. The first time was at the Naval Hopsital in New Orleans the year that the Marine barracks in Lebanon was blown up.

I'm thinking that was Zatarains today, but I could not swear to it.

Cathy, which was it?

Cathy said...

Being the southern food expert that you are, you are absolutley correct!! Zatarains it is. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jay Moreno said...

That would be my hard-working friend Cathy Gentry, co-owner of Aunt B's. Thanks, Cathy.

It's a good thing I'm not he kind to say 'Na,Na Na,Na,Nan-ah' because now would damned surely be the time to say it!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I didn't know you could buy Low Country Boil in a can.

Jay Moreno said...

Obviously, you've never eaten at Aunt B's, where everything is made fresh daily. The fresh produce truck arrives daily from Brunswick.
Tomorrow, Friday, would be a particularly good day for you to make a first visit: the fish is delicious and they say it's brain food.

Kat said...

Will this be a regular selection at B's? If it is it may be worth a visit from my family. Again.

I'm not a fan of the restaurant; the two times I tried it I was very disappointed. Not enough healthy options. Everything seemed to be either deep fried or swimming in some sort of bacon fat or grease. Ugh. Stick to your heart food.

Jay Moreno said...

I'm not sure.

I know Janie (the other co-owner) and I had a good laugh at lunch today over the poor miscreant fool who suggested that everything at Aunt B's came out of a can.

You poor thing. I take it you were not blessed with being born and reared in the South. I've eaten that eway all of my life. I just had an echocardiagram about a month ago because of some swelling in my ankles. Turned out to be hypotyroidism. A simple pill is curing that. My heart is exceedingly healthy. My cholesterol (just had it checked a couple of weeks ago) is like 160. All of my cardiac risk factors are better than avergae. Loosen up - live a little. If youy eat Southern, you'll never have to smother your Yankee food in ketchup or who knows what else in a desperate attempt to make it palatable ever again. Southern cooking comes straight from he kitchen ready to eat (alough I do like a little pepper vinegar on my collard greens flavored with smoked ham hock and a little tomato chow-chow on my black-eyed peas.)

Jay Moreno said...

Oh, I almost forgot: for a special treat, when you find a nice, big, smoked ham hock in the greens or the black eyed peas, or maybe the dried lima beans, just dish that puppy right out onto your plate and eat it. Now that is good eating!