Friday, May 8, 2009

Camden dedicates newly-paved 4 mile stretch of Ella Park Church Road.

Expected to usher in more rooftops with more need for infrastructure in northern part of county.


Anonymous said...

"This will be a real boon to the area," Rainer said. "When the economy gets going again, hopefully the thousands and thousands of homes planned for construction will come to fruition."

Reason being the developers have already sold lots in most of these subdivision with no infrastructure in place. This whole things smells like the situation in St. Marys. Current taxpayers will eventually foot the bill for this also.

In addition, Charlie Smith strikes again. He is representing a billion dollar development that is going right at the intersection of horsestamp road.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need thousands AND thousands of homes on the north end? We currently have thousands of homes on the south end which remain empty. Most of the new homes bought, were bought by old home owners and now those homes remain empty also. Why build, build, build. Who are all of these people that are supposed to swoop in here and start buying up all of this property? Where are they?

Jay Moreno said...

Jay Moreno said...
I believe that some of the "pioneer" upscale northend residents have actually been folks who are still in their working years with jobs in Brunswick or on the Golden Isles. They wouldn't live in mainland Brunswick becuase of the crime rate and general deterioration and obsolescence of the housing stock. They don't want to live on the islands because of the cost. The north end of Camden is the perfect alternative.

However, I too wonder who will fill the THOUSANDS of units that are already planned.

May 10, 2009 7:05 AM