Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last night's county commission meeting.

I missed it because I was not feeling well. Did anything interesting take place?


Anonymous said...

I have been going thru the proposed budget listed on the county's web site. I find it very interesting that some departments have huge increases in salaries while other departments are getting cuts. EMS has an increase of $ 205,779.00 in salaries plus the additional benefits (FICA & RETIREMENT) of $ 20,528.00. there is also an additional retirement fund that is being funded by the county, WHY?????
Fire Services has an increase of $ 8,218.00 in salaries plus benefits of $ 6,263.00.
Emergency Management has an increase of $ 18,615.00 in salaries plus benefits of $ 2,263.00
The county engineer has a salary increase of $ 23,854.00 and $3,070.00 in benefits.
Why do we need so many engineers, or is this a pay increase for just one person?
There are many more departments that have increases and yet they cut the main departments we need like the Sheriff Dept, jail and 911.
The commissioners are making sure they are looking out for their department which has way too many chiefs or employees. their budget INCREASED also. WHY???????
If they are saying no one gets a raise and there is a hiring freeze, then why are the budgets increasing?
There is no telling what other expenses are padded.

Jay Moreno said...


The budget hearing begins at 5:30 this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

The hearing does begin this evening but they will not let anyone from the public speak.

Jay Moreno said...

As yuo will see from my first person reportage, just the opposite was true. The public did 99.9% of the speaking. The only commissioner to say anything of substance was Keene. Berry was literally stone cold silent - not one word.

Anonymous said...

Hay Moreno said:

As to Berry's silence, my money, especially from the sour look on his face, is on the high probabbility that he was keeping his powder dry for the next meeting, on June 2nd (when they will actually vote on the FY-10 budget. Berry was literally stone cold silent - not one word.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the FY-10 budget, not to sit and wait to discuss the FY-09 or past budgets. Face it! He is a BIG part of the current problems.

Jay Moreno said...

Try to pay closer attention: yuo commented on the wrong thread. I will move it for you this time.