Friday, May 15, 2009

JDA hires new executive director.

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This morning, at their regularly scheduled meeting, the Camden County Joint Development Authority hired a new executive director. When the T&G ran the resumes of the three finalists on 29 April, here is what I posted:I'm encouraged by the fact that they are not considering any of the local applicants. Most were just tossing in their resumes in a proverbial hail Mary pass. The one local in a tangential current occupation had nowhere near the qualifications of at least a dozen from elsewhere. It looks like the first two in the article are well qualified. I'm not so sure about the third guy, from Jax. I suspect they are just using him as a place filler to say they had three finalists. You guessed it - they hired the guy from Jacksonville! I understand from the executive secretary that they actually did have face-to-face interviews with all three finalists. Based on the resumes of the other two, I'm hoping this was not a case of "settling" for the guy who would work for the smallest salary. I will have his salary and his resume just as soon as I hear from the executive secretary. At any rate, I wish him every success in his new job. The guy's name is David Michael Keating. Check back later today for further details.
Update: Now that I've seen and read his entire resume, he looks way better than he did in the T&G. Hopefully, at long, long, last, we have a winner here. Starting salary: $85,000 (plus benefits & expenses).
Adddendum @ 1848 HRS. This morning, I sent Mr. Keating a congratulatory e-mail and a link to this blog. I know he got it because he e-mailed me back. Ergo, via the comments on this post, you folks have an opportunity to convey to him your deep disappointment with the so far total failure of his predecessors to bring industry to Camden and your very high hopes that he will.

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Welcome Mr. Keating. Please do as no one else has done. BRING JOB TO CAMDEN COUNTY!!