Friday, May 1, 2009

As expected, Sheriff Gregory refutes every baseless canard bandied about by sore-loser Thuggies and fired employees. Sherrif, if you will e-mail me a copy of the longer original, I'll be glad to post it in its entirety. I'm a little surprised that the T&G did not bend the 500 word rule for you for the benefit of their readers, the voters. Update, Saturday, May 2nd @0810 HRS. I see this mormning that Rick Rogers has the entire letter posted on his blog. Thanks, Rick. Wow! I just finished reading the undedited version. There is much, much more said than was printed in the T&G and I'm talking about much more substantive information, not just superfluous verbiage! A must read.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tommy for answering the questions this ill advised person posed in his letter. What a shame people are so quick to accuse. Billy Smith still has a lot of hanger-ons that will continue to try to stir up these type things so I'm sure this will not be the end of unfounded accusations. But, thanks to our new Sheriff who does not have a problem letting the people know exactly how it is in the real world and hopefully he will continue to refute these things since so many of the voters in this County will listen to and believe the worst. After all that is what they have been used to for the past 20 some years. They will have to get used to an honest Sheriff since many of them are young enough not to know what an honest Sheriff is all about.

Thanks Tommy for all you do.

Jay Moreno said...